Hutley S.R.A., S.S. Morris, and V. Pisani (1997). Bulletin of the World Health Organization 75:163-74
"Prevention of Diarrhoea in Young Children in Developing Countries"
An updated review of nonvaccine interventions for the prevention of childhood

diarrhoea in developing countries is presented. The importance of

various key preventive strategies (breast-feeding, water supply and

sanitation improvements)is confirmed and certain aspects of others

(promotion of personal and domestic hygiene, weaning education/food hygiene)

are refined. Evidence is also presented

to suggest that, subject to cost-effectiveness examination, two other

strategies -- vitamin A supplementation and the prevention of low birth

weight -- should be promoted to the first category of interventions, as

classified by Feachem, i.e. those which are considered to have high

effectiveness and strong feasibility