The purpose and nature of this site

This site is an extension of my grad school course notes. In other words, it is a place for me to continue to clarify concepts, and keep track of questions I have, as yet, not found the answers to. At the same time, I hope it can serve as a resource for others; a quick and simple introduction to water and sanitation, with links to related resources. Many thanks to the organizations that built the sites that are these resources.

The style of this site is deliberately informal, in the hope that that tone will facilitate open dialog. I know that, when communicating on behalf of one's organization, it is sometimes difficult to ask a question without revealing more than one wishes to about the problems their organization may be facing in its programming. Let this be a forum where people can feel free to ask questions and make comments. If you feel you have something to ask, add, or to correct, please do.

If I am lucky enough to be away working in the field, I may be without email access, and so, slow to respond. I will reply, and as soon as possible.

There are a number of links to other sites. To help distinguish my pages from others', I've colored most of mine the blue you see here.

Several pages of the site are sparse, and "under construction". I apologize for that. It will change and improve over time, but it will, by intent, always be a work in progress.

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